HCV-TARGET is an international consortium of leading HCV investigators who have established a common research database and are conducting a longitudinal observational study to answer important questions about HCV therapy with direct acting antiviral agents.

Unique aspects

HCV-TARGET is unique for a variety of reasons. The study:

  • Engages community-based HCV providers
  • Leverages existing research infrastructure developed through the NIH CTSA program
  • Standardizes data acquisition using CTSA open source database (REDCap)
  • Has potential for rapid recruitment of patients being treated with newly approved antiviral regimens


The HCV-TARGET study leverages existing infrastructure of partnered academic and industry sponsors to foster benefits including:

  • Translational research opportunities
  • FDA collaboration
  • Biorepository, design and analysis, and regulatory core utilization
  • Standardized data acquisition using CTSA open source database (REDCaP)
  • Engaged community-based HCV providers
  • Unique T2-T4 research and educational opportunities